If You Think this is JUST Regular Tiny Log Cabin . . . You Will Want to Look Inside AND Underneath

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You’re really clear on your tiny house dream – you want something affordable, portable, and easy on the environment. You also want it to be attractive and, most importantly, well built. But you’re not a carpenter, contractor, or craftsperson. You don’t know the first thing about building your tiny home and would prefer someone else to do it for you. That’s where park model RVs by Escape Homes come in. They fit all of the above criteria, and more. These Escape RVs are not your everyday RVs – in fact, they look more like miniature log homes, cabins, or cottages than RVs. They are beautiful to behold, finely hand-crafted, full of windows and light and bursting with rustic appeal. Officially constructed as campground trailers and not exceeding 400 square feet, they are so hardy, well-insulated, and weather-resistant that you could easily live in them all year round – unofficially, of course. They could make the ultimate mobile tiny home.

At the present time, there are three main RV park models available over at the Escape website – the Getaway, the Premiere, and the Classic. The Getaway is your most basic and the least expensive of the lot, but it doesn’t scrimp on charm or value. It’s also a very flexible design that offers a sunroom option. Whether you need an open front porch, a screened in one, or an all-out extra sun room, the choice is yours. You can also decide whether you need panoramic windows, which will provide you with the best view possible – or high profile windows, which will give you extra privacy. The Escape Premiere model is available in two different versions – with either one or two bedrooms. Other possibilities include bunk beds, a Queen bed or a Queen and bunk combo if you opt for the two bedroom variation.

And for those who dream big, there’s also a King bed upgrade. The third Escape model is the tried-and-true Classic floor plan, which is the original RV design that Escape started out with several years ago. It’s the most popular and the most favourite, offering the widest design and providing you with the most space possible. It also boasts a custom-built fireplace and built-in furniture – such as a dining room table, a bedroom armoire, and bedside tables. The space includes a bedroom area, kitchen, dining space, and you’ll find a double vanity, walk-in shower, and toilet in the bathroom. With each and every Escape RV cottage model, you’ll discover energy-efficiency in every detail, including the appliances. These RVs are built with sustainable wood and you can choose from a wide selection of exterior and interior finishing.

Escape Homes has been building quality cottages in the Rice Lake, Wisconsin area for the past twenty years. After receiving a great deal of positive attention over their cottage designs, they have now broadened their scope – offering cottage-style RV homes to families throughout North America. Their designs are constantly growing and evolving, so it’s well worth visiting their website on a regular basis. One of their latest designs is the Two-Bedroom model, which includes two full bedrooms - a master that can house either a Queen-sized bed or bunk beds, depending on your requirements, as well as all of the quality features their other models have to offer. Or, if you are looking for a smaller tiny home that’s less expensive and even more mobile, you might want to check out the adorable little Traveler. The Escape Homes website offers lots of information on financing as well as a thorough FAQ section, in case you have any questions. There’s even the option of booking an overnight stay at an Escape RV cabin in Canoe Bay, Wisconsin – so you can have the full Escape experience before purchasing one of your own.*

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