Is this log home TOO big for living?

Photo Credit: Canadian Log Homes

Do you think this log home is too big for everyday living? It is a truly stunning model including large living areas, spiraling staircases and rustic log details throughout the home. Each part of the home looks unique; there could be a large tree trunk emerging from the floor of a living space or a stone fireplace traveling up the wall. It just informs you that no matter what size of home you desire or what features you would like to have, the company, Pioneer Log Homes of BC, can fulfill your particular tastes in log houses. Pioneer Log Homes of BC are willing to build a log house of any size from under 1500 square feet up to over 4500 square feet. This company has even been responsible for creating the largest log home in the world at 112,000 square feet. While that size may be over-large for daily living, it just goes to show what Pioneer Log Homes are capable of.

Pioneer Log Homes of BC has dozens of floor plans to choose from, including large log home floor plans. Whatever you choose, all their homes are customizable from the ground up, whether it be the style of kitchen, living room, loft or bathroom. Of course, the process of choosing log house designs can be very overwhelming especially since there are so many to choose from with this particular company. Firstly, be aware that no design will necessarily be the right one for every customer; some will prefer a larger home if they have a bigger family, while others will enjoy the simplicity of a smaller home. On the other hand, if you see a particular design that you love, but something isn’t quite right, Pioneer Log Homes will be willing to customize to your tastes. It is also important to keep the entire family involved in the design process to ensure the final home fits with everyone’s taste.

Another component that should be remembered before purchasing log house packages would be to be practical. When designing any home, there is the potential to add all kinds of interesting features, but sometimes they aren’t the smartest additions. For example, having lots of windows may not be the right feature if you live in a colder area since they will suck more of the heat out of the home. Window placement is important, too, since a west facing window might make the home particularly hot during summer.

Pioneer Log Homes of BC are located in Williams Lake, British Columbia, and are willing to build a home in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. For more information on the company or purchasing and designing a log home, you can contact them through their online form or by phone. Another good option would be to watch their television show on HGTV, Timber Kings. The show features the company building a log home every week, which will give you insight into how your log home will be constructed.

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