It is so sad to spill OIL on leather - here is how to clean it ...

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Leather furniture can be beautiful, but get some oil on it, and you've got yourself a big stain. Whether you transferred some oil from your body products onto your sofa, or dripped some salad oil by accident, you're probably hoping that the stain won't set in and permanently ruin your sofa. The good news is, it won't stain permanently and the solution is actually very simple too. If you've ever spilled oil on your drive way, you've probably used something dry to soak up the oil right? Maybe some baking soda or even cat litter. The dry substances will absorb the oil, lifting it out of the surface and will make it much easier to clean up too. So you don't need any special stain removal products or sofa cleaner to get oil stains out of your sofa. This is one of the natural cleaning tips you can use to clean oil from your sofa leaving your sofa cleaner than ever. All you'll need is some talcum powder which is baby powder. If you don't have any, you can purchase it at any grocery store or even at the dollar store. Once you have the talcum powder at home, just pour a bunch of the powder right onto the stain and let it sit for a while.

You can even let it sit overnight if it will go undisturbed by pets or kids, which will increase it's absorption time. Once you've let the oil sit for a while, just wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth and see that the oil stain is now removed completely. If it didn't get it all the way out, just reapply the talcum powder and let it sit for longer. If you have trouble getting it out completely, you can always take it to a furniture cleaner or a leather cleaner, and they can treat it with their stain removal products. It's always worth a try to do it the natural way before bringing in any chemical cleaners and solutions. If you have a microfibre sofa, you can try this on it too, or any other fabric. It may not soak up all of the oil, but it might get some of it. All upholstery fabrics are different, so the cleaning tips will work differently on each of them. To clean stains out of microfibre material, you can also use one drop of dish soap and a drop of water to activate it, then just scrub the oil stain and let the fabric dry.

If you have a cotton fabric, you could try using some laundry soap with some water, just a few drops of the laundry soap and equal parts water should do, then scrub the oil stain really well and leave the solution to sit on the stain just as you would for cotton clothing. Then rinse it out with some plain water on a cloth, blotting the stain to lift the soap and oil out. If you don't have any talcum powder in your home, you can also try baking soda which is great for stain removal. Even if you have a coloured stain, baking soda and water will likely take care of it. To keep your sofa cleaner, you can always make sure you don't eat on your furniture or let your pets up on it too. Also, make sure any lotions or oils are fully absorbed into your skin before sitting down on your furniture or towel yourself off well to remove excess oil. Try this and other great cleaning tips from Ramshackle Glam and check out some of the great recipes too.***

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