Lakefront with Privacy and Romance at Camp Starlite

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Have a peek at this sweet wood cabin named Camp Starlite, a perfect retreat for a couple on a romantic getaway or anyone seeking solitude and relaxation. This wood cabin is set in the woods, and it's right on the lake with access to 500 feet of private waterfront land, with a boathouse and a private dock. The cabin is available for rent year-round for up to 4 people, but it's most comfortable for one or two people. Camp Starlite was even featured in Cabin Life Magazine making it a pretty popular choice for vacationing. Wood cabins like this one are a nice alternative to log cabins since they can be built a bit more cost effective than real log cabins. Full logs can be quite expensive and depending on how large the cabin is, it could end up costing a lot. So if you're on a budget and you're looking into affordable tiny cabin designs, wood cabins make cabin building a bit more affordable. Of course, lumber is not cheap, and you should never scrimp on cabin building materials. But since the pieces will be smaller than the logs, it will save on the amount of wood needed to build a cabin. Plus, you'll get the beautiful look of a wood cabin which looks just as lovely as a log cabin.

You'll see in the photos of Camp Starlite that the exterior is sided with beautiful wood siding in a board and batten style. Then, on the inside of the cabin, you'll also see that there is wood finishes on the walls, ceiling and the floors too which looks great. They also did the cabinets in the kitchen in wood that complements the other wood finishes in the home. You'll also notice that they made sure to include tons of windows in the cabin to allow natural light into the space. If you're looking to build a wood or log cabin, it's important to include plenty of windows, especially for tiny cabin designs. When you have a smaller space, you'll want more windows in the design to brighten up the interior and create the illusion of more space. Having lots of windows also creates the experience of being one with the natural environment surrounding you too. You can almost feel like you're sitting outside when you have windows that open up to the outside world. With tiny cabin designs having cathedral ceilings will also create a very open and airy feel in the house, so it's also something to keep in mind as a design idea for your own wood cabin. This cabin rental has 2 bedrooms with one bathroom that has a shower, and there is also an outdoor shower to use in warmer weather.

They also rent out kayaks and canoes that are stored in the boathouse for easy access to the lake. So you can really experience lake life and what it might be like to have a cabin on a lake. If you know the area you'd like to have a cabin in, you can keep your eye out for lakefront properties to build your cabin on. Or, you could also buy an older cabin and renovate it and restore it for your own use. Some wood cabins may not be taken care of that well, and they may need to be torn down and rebuilt. Sometimes you can get lucky and get some salvageable materials out of the demolitions though. Cabin building can be a lot of work, but anyone who owns a cabin will always tell you that it's so worth it. Try staying at different wood cabins like this one to test the waters and see what you like.***

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