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Do you enjoy doing puzzles at home? Doing a puzzle is a great way to relax and unwind, it can almost be meditative. They are also really a really fun diy activity to do with loved ones since you're working on something together that you can feel proud of when you're done. You can talk or listen to music or podcasts while you do your puzzles or maybe even a movie or a show or an audible book. The only trouble with doing puzzles is where do you set them up? And what do you do with it when you don't want to work on it anymore? If you're doing it on your coffee table, you will want to move it so you can use your coffee table for other purposes, but then you risk ruining your puzzle too. Good thing there are so many great diy ideas and do it yourself home projects like this diy project from DeDe at Design Ed Decor. She created a simple and very useful diy puzzle table that allows you to store away your puzzle when you're not working on it. This is such a great day idea, and anyone who loves doing puzzles needs a diy table like this, especially if you live in a small space and have limited surfaces in your home. This diy puzzle table has a top with hinges on the sides so that the table top can open right up to reveal the area where the puzzle stays. There are also drawers beneath to store the puzzle pieces in so that you can continue working on your puzzle when you're ready.

It actually looks really cute too, and you can customize your own diy puzzle table to match your home decor by changing up the colours and stain. DeDe even included a couple of stools with her diy puzzle table that will slide right underneath the table. When it's not being used to do a puzzle, just fold the table top back into place and use it as a regular coffee table. You could even use this as a games table if you need to pack up your game and then resume it later on. The diy plans she created that you can purchase from the Design Ed Decor website create a table that measures 45 inches wide by 23 3/4 inches deep and 23 inches high. If you purchase the plans you'll also get a full list of all the different materials and tools you'll need for this do it yourself home project. They also include the cut lists for this do it yourself home project as well. You can do 44 inch by 21 inch puzzles or smaller on this table so you should always check that your puzzles won't be larger than that. If you enjoy doing larger puzzles, you can alter the dimensions of the table to make it larger or even higher depending on what you like.

The nice thing about this diy idea is that you can build it for under $200 which is great for those on a budget. It could even be a great gift to make for someone who loves doing puzzles. You can find all of the materials at your local hardware store, or you could even try and use recycled materials if you are savvy. DeDe taught herself how to make and flip furniture, and she loves to teach other people how to do the same so they can save money while making their house look great. It's awesome that she teaches classes in person as well as online so that she can reach a wider audience. Check out this and more do it yourself projects and diy ideas on the Design Ed Decor website and make this table for yourself.***

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