Make your own crack and crevice cleaning slime! A great way to clean those hard to reach places, vents, keyboard and more

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Did you know that our keyboards are 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat? That's pretty gross, but when you think about it, we're always touching things with our hands, picking up random germs here and there and then touching our keyboards. These germs can even increase if you share a computer keyboard with someone. Also, there are all of the airborne germs that find their way to settling on our keyboard too. Those germs from sneezing or coughing in the office if you work in an office environment float around. So it's not only a great idea to keep your computer keyboard clean for show, but also to keep germs at bay to prevent getting sick. When it comes to your computer, keeping it clean can be tricky. It gets quite dirty especially if you use it every day, and even if you can't see the germs, they are there. The computer's keyboard is the perfect place for germs to hide out, as well as crumbs and dust. It has the perfect little cracks and crevices for these small particles to fall into and stay trapped. You can try using Q-tips, but they are too big. Using toothpicks or any other skinny item could damage your keyboard and using water on your keyboard is out of the question too.

You can use rubbing alcohol on your keyboard to clean and disinfect the surface areas, but how can you go about cleaning the little spaces beneath the keys? You can take the computer apart to get the dust out, but that's a lot of work. You can also get those dusting sprays that are just canned air you spray into the crevices to blast any dust and debris out of there. But even this doesn't get all of the crumbs and dust out. This is one of the great diy ideas from Budget 101 that teaches us how to make our own cleaning slime. You may have heard about cleaning slime before, but if you haven't, it's basically like silly putty that is specially used for cleaning your computer keyboard. Because of its pliable nature, this cleaning putty with mould and shape into all of the hard to reach places. You can even try using it in your car, on your remote controls or on your stereo system. Make this diy cleaning slime at home using some white school glue, water, and borax which if a laundry detergent booster that you can find wherever you can find laundry soap.

In a bowl, just simply mix 2 tablespoons of the white glue and 1 tablespoon of water. Then in a separate bowl combine 4 tablespoons of Borax and 4 tablespoons of water, mix until the Borax dissolves. Then, you'll mix together the ingredients from both bowls, stirring really well, and you'll see your cleaning slime start to take form. To make coloured slime, just add a drop or two of food colouring in your choice of colour to the water before mixing it with the glue in the first step of this diy tutorial. This is where it gets fun. Take the slime in your hands and start to play with it until it's not wet anymore, but just lightly damp. To use your new cleaning slime just press it onto your keyboard or any other surface and pull off slowly to lift up the dirt. What can you use to clean computer screen surfaces though? You can just use a small amount of natural cleaning solution on a microfibre cloth and wipe it dry with a dry microfibre cloth leaving your computer looking and feeling nice and clean.***

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