Make Your Own Incense That Repels Mosquitoes

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So now you can Make Your Own Incense That Repels Mosquitoes, and likely other bugs, too. But that’s not the only advantage to making your own incense. If you or anyone in your family has allergies, sensitivity to chemicals, weak lungs or any kind of breathing problem then you want to know what you are inhaling. These steps let you control what goes in your mosquito repellent from start to finish.

It may be surprising that what often deters bugs are natural scents that we find delicious. Lemon rind can often keep bugs at bay. Sage, burned over your charcoal will keep bugs back, too. Any number of other scents, from lemongrass to frankincense also deters bugs. Yet we love to smell them. Cinnamon is another scent that bugs don’t like. In fact, have you ever seen a bug in your spice cabinet? They just steer clear. Many of these scents can be purchased as essential oils and blended with almost anything, including olive oil or any oil and used on your skin to deter the little critters. The nice thing about these kinds of combinations is they are usually great for your skin too. The nice thing about burning incense is that the smoke is another inhibitor for the bugs. They just don’t want to be near smoke.

The website gives a great list of ingredients and describes most of them. The instructions are clear and straightforward. There are no real specialized tools, but you might want to have a mortar and pestle handy. The whole thing will come together pretty quickly once you have all the materials you need. A list is compiled for your convenience so you know what to pick up. Try it out. You may start a whole new hobby for yourself, if you do!

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