Make your own toilet deodorizers that also kills bacteria!

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Cleaning the toilet isn't very fun, but it's got to be done. What if you could make cleaning your toilet easier and more enjoyable? It's great to try out diy ideas like this one to make our cleaning duties easier. With these cool toilet bombs, you might even actually begin to enjoy cleaning your toilet. Commonly, people use a toxic, chemical filled toilet cleaners, but we all know by now that these chemicals aren't good for us or the environment. Everything we flush down the toilet cycles it's way back into our waterways. So it's always better to choose natural cleaners to get your house cleaning done. Many people use vinegar and baking soda as natural cleaners. These are both great natural cleaners that most people will have on hand in their kitchens anyway, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Vinegar is not only a great disinfectant, but it's also edible and can be used in recipes. Baking soda is a favourite cleaner, but it's also used in baking recipes.

These pretty looking toilet bombs are made with all natural ingredients including citric acid and baking soda. The toilet bombs are much like bath bombs in that they fizzle when they are exposed to water. So make some of these toilet bombs yourself and see them in action. Get yourself some citric acid; you can usually buy it at a health food store or order it online. Then get out your handy baking soda, and gather some of your favourite essential oils. Add all of the ingredients to a bowl following the measurements from the Raining Hot Coupons website and mix well. She recommends using 30 drops of each essential oil into the mixture, and she uses lavender oil for her bath bombs. You can try different scent combinations and see what you like best. A citrus scent could be created with some orange essential oil and some lemon essential oil. For a fresh scent, try mint or eucalyptus. If ever the mixture seems too dry to you, add in a little bit of water and mix. Then, press the mixture into silicone moulds, be sure to pack the mixture in really well, so they fill all of the space in the mould. Then you'll allow them to dry for at least 6 hours to harden. Once they're hardened, you can carefully remove them from the moulds and put them in a nice jar to display in your bathroom.

To use your new toilet bombs, simply drop one into the bowl of your toilet after you've flushed it. It will begin to fizz up right away, so let it sit in the bowl for 15-20 minutes to work its magic. The citric acid works really great to break down any hard water stains and build up in your toilets, while the baking soda freshens and disinfects. The essential oils leave a fresh scent and also provide you with some aroma therapy. Once the toilet bombs have had a chance to to their job, take your toilet brush and scrub your toilet bowl really well. Then flush and you'll have a sparkling clean toilet bowl. You can use your toilet bombs in between toilet cleanings as well for upkeep. Just keep them close by and drop one in whenever you think your toilet needs a refresh. This way your toilet will never even have a chance to get too dirty, and those hard water deposits won't have a chance to build up. Try out this and more awesome diy ideas from Raining Hot Coupons. Sarah shares awesome coupons, diy ideas, giveaways, recipes, and even free stuff.***

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