Natural Disinfectants for the Kitchen

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Are you looking for a bit of encouragement in how you are cleaning your kitchen and the supplies and products you are using? Cleanipedia may have provided just that in their article, Disinfectant and Other Cleaning Products: What to Use to Clean Your Kitchen. Cleanipedia focuses the article on how to clean your kitchen with the best disinfectants to ensure your kitchen stays germ-free, however, their cleaning tips doesn't end there. Their website is focused around great housekeeping and cleaning tips from experts, and they have a tab full of different topics for the What and Where you want to clean.

So what is some of the supplies and products they suggest? Well, their Essential Kitchen Cleaning Materials include supplies such as rubber gloves, which help protect your skin when using strong disinfectants such as bleach - a very important material to have to ensure your cleaning isn't causing any harm to you.

They also have a list of Natural Disinfectants for the Kitchen. One of them being vinegar, which is a very common product in most people's homes, although not always common as a cleaning product. However, it is actually an excellent cleaner used for the kitchen because it's high acidity levels result in most germs not being able to survive once they come in contact. This could be a great alternative for people who want to stay away from cleaning products that may have harsh chemicals in them. Additionally, if you want to get really creative with this cleaning product you can add essential oils such as lavender or lemon for a nicer fragrance.

As if this information wasn't enough to boost up your kitchen cleaning, they also have a list of common disinfections for the kitchen and tips for places often missed during your kitchen cleaning you may be missing. To read more, please visit the link below to the 'Cleanipedia' website that is linked below.

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