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Mice can be cute, but we don't want them living in our homes. If you are struggling to get rid of mice in your home, there are so many different mouse removal products on the market it's hard to know which ones to choose for your mice control needs. There are all sorts of traps, poisons and repellants that either work really well but are toxic to you and your family or sometimes these products just don't work at all. Even though mice aren't too threatening size-wise or predatory in nature, they do carry bacteria and diseases that they leave behind in your home through their waste. So having mice in your home could cause you and your family to get sick. They can also cause structural damage and damage to furniture that they chew on or nest in. They can also chew up your electrical wiring in your home which can cause big problems like fires. Mice can range in size from very small to quite large, so it depends where you live and what type of mice live in that area. You may not even see the mice up close and personal because they are quite fast and stealthy, so it's easy to miss them. You're more likely to find traces of mice in your home like droppings or chewed up cereal boxes.

If you find any traces of mice in your home, you'll first want to determine how they got into your home. Check for any cracks or holes in your home that lead to the outside world. This could be anywhere in your home but especially check your basement or attic. The cracks they crawl through can be very small so don't overlook even the smaller openings. You can plug up these holes with some steel wool since mice can't chew through it as it hurts their teeth. Then, be sure to properly seal up the holes as soon as you can. For mice prevention, you'll want to keep your doors and windows sealed up with screens too. Never leave doors or windows open without a screen in place. Also, check your chimney if you have one and get a screen installed for mice prevention. Another key for mice prevention is to declutter your home and keep it clean. Mice love to hide, so any clutter is a welcome home sign for them. Keep your home clean by picking up loose items off of the floor and always make sure you're not leaving food out in the open. Even a few crumbs can attract mice so be sure to clean up after every meal or snack.

If you have mice already, you'll need some good mouse removal tips to get your home to be a mouse-free environment again. You can use the simple wooden mousetraps you'll find at any hardware store, but these are very cruel to mice, and you'll also be left with the mess after. There are catch and release traps where you put a piece of food in the trap that lures the mouse in and then traps them until you can set them free. Another way to keep mice and other pests away is to use mothballs. Just put them all around your home to prevent mice from entering. Then, there is also the poison, but this can be harmful to your pets, so it's not ideal to use if you have cats or dogs. Thankfully there are some natural mice control remedies you can use to keep mice away like peppermint essential oil which you can place on cotton balls around your home to prevent mice from coming in. Check out all of the mouse removal ideas on Earth Kind.***

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