Secret to Cleaning Toilet with Hard Water Stains

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Don't you just hate those nasty stains that get left behind on you toilet? Well, here is the Secret to Cleaning Toilet with Hard Water Stains! Not all stains that are left on your toilet are from using it for the purposes it was intended for, they are there because of the minerals in the water, that calcify and create deposits on the inside of your toilet bowl. You can scrub and scrub with some of the more abrasive chemicals made for a toilet but they just won't seem to come out! Well, there is a wonderful, and actually very easy and affordable way to get these stains off of your toilet bowl!

There are SO many products out there designed for cleaning, and so many of them are so similar too. They cost so much and are so full of chemicals that are not good for you or your family or the environment. Everything that we use and touch with our hands, eventually ends up in our blood stream, and if you are breathing in some of the harsh chemicals from these cleaning products, that is also very bad for you. The same with when you put anything down the drain or flush it down your toilet, it ends up going into streams and waterways, and into the Earth, polluting it. So we want to make sure we are conscious about the things we are using to clean.

This solution for cleaning is so eco friendly, all you use is vinegar! The stuff that the guy in the video uses is a higher acidity than normal vinegar that we eat, but only by 1% so if all you have is normal vinegar, it will totally work. So get yourself a bottle of cheap vinegar and watch the video and try it yourself! Head over to 'YouTube' for more by following the link in the section below for more!

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