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This adorable rancher style home an incredibly spacious building, perfect for placing on your home property or using as a cottage. Small log cabins don’t always have the details available that this rancher does, which makes this place extra appealing. It has a one-storey layout with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living area, and kitchen. There are skylights and plenty of windows, which makes the cabin look larger than it is. Self Build Timber Frame Limited is a company that creates log cabin designs, mobile homes and caravans. Similar to other cabin builders, they will sell building kits to customers and help construct your building on the property. When they sell you a building package, they will deliver the material, build the frame on site and install the windows. You would complete the remainder of the building yourself.

Build Timber Frame Limited is a company located in the United Kingdom and will deliver anywhere in England and Wales. They have show homes across the U.K. where they will display their buildings for the public to view. When Timber Frame Limited ships your home, they will build the timber frame on the area you want it to go. The timber frame is in reference to the shell that provides structure to the building, rather than the entire intact building itself. If you have always thought of building a cabin, having the structure already in place for you could be a tremendous help.

Timber frame housing may be a concept many are unfamiliar with, but it is a very popular method of building. According to Timber Frame Limited’s website, over seventy percent of the developed world live in timber frame homes. There are many benefits to timber frame homes, such as they are highly insulated which saves on cooling and heating bills. Since less power would be required to heat and cool this style of home, it is more environmentally friendly than other homes, because it would produce less carbon dioxide per year. Compared with other cabin builders, construction of this timber frame rancher would be fast. Apparently, the timber frame takes only five days to construct, and the finishes would take anywhere from five to eight weeks. This is an excellent time saver, compared to other building endeavors.

For more information on the company, Timber Frame Limited, as well as the rancher home, check out their website. They have several photos of the finished rancher-style home, as well as a floor plan. The great news about purchasing home cabin kits like this one is that you can add whatever finishes you like. If you look at the photos provided on the Timber Frame website, you will see the variations between the rancher home buildings.

Some owners chose to have a wooden exterior, while others chose a more modern look. If you like the idea of a Timber Frame home but would like something a little larger than the rancher-style cabin, Timber Frame Limited will design a home for you to your specifications, and they insist that timber frame is a good building method for a six-storey house if desired.

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