Sweet Potato Pecan Bread

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This warmly spiced sweet potato pecan bread recipe is all you will need for a simple dessert or indulgent breakfast. This bread recipe consists of mashed sweet potato, pumpkin pie spice and crunchy chopped pecans for a sweet bread that is delicious slathered with butter. The Harris Sisters, the authors of Harris Sisters Girltalk recipe blog, came up with this moist loaf during autumn, and they recommend having slices of it alongside a mug of hot apple cider. In fact, the dark colour of this quick bread recipe and warm notes of cinnamon and nutmeg may convince some that the loaf is pumpkin rather than sweet potato. Whether you choose to enjoy this loaf on a fall day or would rather have it any time of the year, it will be a delicious dessert for everyone.

If you don’t scour the canned vegetable aisle at your grocery store regularly, you may be surprised at how the Harris sisters incorporate sweet potato into their loaf recipe. Rather than cooking and mashing sweet potato themselves, they use canned sweet potato chunks which are in a briny liquid. Using canned sweet potatoes eliminates a step, making this sweet potato pecan bread recipe even easier to prepare. The only issue with a canned vegetable is that often the sodium content is very high and not suitable for those with a sodium-restricted diet. If this is you or if you can’t find canned sweet potato, you could roast a whole sweet potato yourself and mash it for this bread recipe. The can size used in this bread should amount to two cups of sweet potato approximately, but if you have a scale, you can weigh enough roasted sweet potato to get fifteen ounces. To make sure the bread isn’t too wet, roasting the sweet potato is the best method so that it doesn’t absorb any additional liquid. Alternatively, you could pop the potato in the microwave for ten or so minutes, until the sweet potato is soft.

If you have never made homemade bread before, this sweet potato dessert is one of the best ones to start with because it is leavened with baking powder and baking soda, and not yeast. Bread that uses chemical leaveners to rise is called a quick bread because you can bake it immediately. Bread that is leavened with yeast requires a lengthy fermentation time and so may take hours to prepare. Traditional bread ingredients are flour, yeast and salt, but since this is a dessert, it consists of eggs and sugar as well. Rather than being a stiff yeasted dough, this dessert bread recipe will be more like a cake batter. The best baking recipes are the ones that produce delicious results without being overly complex. The Harris sisters have produced a one bowl method for getting this sweet potato bread recipe done efficiently and quickly. By using one bowl to mix the batter, this becomes a dish to add to your simple baking recipes roster, which you can make any day of the week. If you don’t have a loaf pan, it is good to know this batter is versatile. Consider adding batter to muffin cups and baking muffins instead.

The next time you are looking for easy desserts, consider this bread recipe using nutritious sweet potato and pecans. The bread is fluffy and moist, with an attractive orange-colored hue. This bread will disappear quickly, but if it doesn’t, consider transitioning slices of this into French toast by dipping in beaten eggs and searing on both sides. Thank you to the Harris sisters, the authors of Harris Sisters Girltalk recipe blog, for sharing their sweet potato pecan bread recipe with us.

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