The Amish Rancher cabin can be customized just for you ...

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This Amish ranger cabin has plenty of appeal with a wooden exterior and everything required for living on the inside. This place is 28 x 36 feet, which is surprising because it contains a living room, kitchen and four bedrooms. The company, Deer Run Cabins, sells log home kits and the rancher is just one of several designs. Deer Run Cabins is located in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and build cabins, homes and mobile homes across Canada and the United States. They are a second-generation Amish cabin building company that is inspired to create the best homes and cabins possible. The buildings are customizable, too, and the buyer can adjust the size of the cabin to their preferences.

If you have every wanted to build a log cabin for your holiday property or to use as a permanent residence, this Amish Ranger design is an excellent one to look at. The company, Deer Run Cabins, will sell you the home already pre-built, which will save you time. The deck would get added to the home after it has been placed on a property. They will also sell you kits to build some of their cabin designs, and all you have to do is assemble it on your chosen property. You won’t have to buy any material for building since Deer Run Cabins will provide you with the SIP panels, exterior stain, caulking, screw and more. The SIP panels will even be pre-sized according to the log cabin designs and the buyer’s specifications. All that you will require for assembling the home are a few tools and the labor. If you would prefer not to build your cabin, however, Deer Run Cabins will also sell you pre-built designs for immediate set up on your property.

The rancher home is different from other small log cabins because it is so spacious on the inside. The ceiling is high, and there is a lot of light that comes in from the outdoors. The ranger is one of Deer Run Cabins’ most popular designs, as it has been used for everything such as a regular home, cottage, on a campground or for a business office.

Deer Run Cabins has so many options to choose from, depending on the layout and size of home you would like. Their log house designs are customizable, too, which will allow you to have all the details you require in a home. You can decide on the design of the bathroom, doors, what size of deck you would like, whether you would like a screened porch, or what kind of kitchen cabinets you would like. If you purchase this Amish Ranger home as a pre-built, they will require a 30% deposit up front and will build the home in their facilities over four weeks. They will deliver the home to your property, and the remaining cost must be paid ten days before they ship it out. For more information including pricing (which you will have to contact them about), check out Deer Run Cabins’ website.

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