The Cool Cucumber Summer Salad

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There's nothing better than a nice cool salad on a hot day, or on any day you're not feeling like eating a huge lunch. This cool cucumbers salad is one of the best healthy salads from Gaby Dalkin's cookbook called Everyday California Food. It's a fresh salad made with light, watery cucumber and a delicious balsamic vinaigrette. There's even some creamy avocado in there too for some extra nutrition and texture. Many cucumber salads include a vinaigrette, but sometimes they are made with a white or a wine vinegar instead of a balsamic. The balsamic will give it a richer flavour, with a touch of sweetness. You can also follow some of the tips for this recipe including using Persian cucumbers which are smaller, with fewer seeds and they are also crisp and juicy. If you can't find those cucumbers, English cucumbers will be just as good. One of the other tips for this recipe is to not go overboard on the garlic, so it doesn't outshine the other dressing ingredients. Also, you'll want to use a perfectly ripe avocado for this recipe. A good tip is to feel the avocado for firmness, and if it's just slightly soft to the touch, it's ready to eat. If it's too mushy, it's too ripe. You can also pick off the little nub on the top of the avocado, and if it is a nice light green underneath, it's perfect to eat, if it's brown, it's too ripe.

You'll also want to serve this salad right away since the avocado will brown. You could also jazz up your salad any way you like by adding additional ingredients like cherry tomatoes, arugula or radishes. Other ingredients you'll need for the best healthy salad is extra-virgin olive oil as a part of the dressing and salt and pepper to enhance the natural flavours of the ingredients. This is one of the best healthy salads that you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of cucumbers in. The nutritional benefits of cucumbers include being high in silica which helps to keep our hair and nails strong and our skin looking nice and soft. The nutritional benefits of cucumbers also include vitamin B1, vitamin B5, and vitamin B7 which are helpful with anxiety and stress. Since cucumbers also contain a lot of water and fibre, they also help with healthy digestion. You can enjoy cucumbers in the best healthy salads, or you can also eat them on their own with a little bit of sea salt and pepper on them. They are also great sliced up with some lime juice and chilli powder on them.

To get the benefits of cucumber, you can also slice one up and put the slices in a jug of fresh water, then put the water in the fridge overnight. In the morning you'll have a nice fresh and cool cucumber water you can enjoy throughout the day that you can reap the nutritional benefits of cucumbers from while you stay hydrated. Cucumbers are not on either of the Environmental Working Groups Clean Fifteen or Dirty Dozen lists, but usually, it's best to buy your produce organic whenever possible. You can also grow your own cucumber if you have your own garden at home. Avocados are on the Clean Fifteen list which means they are safe to buy non-organic, which is great since avocados can be pretty expensive depending on where you live. Try out this cucumber salad recipe soon and see how you like it. Try out more of the best healthy salads from The Kitchn to stay healthy and get your daily dose of nutrients.***

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