The LAZIEST way to get a sticker off a jar is also the most effective

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Most of the time, empty jars get tossed into the recycling bin and never seen again, but if you are concerned over those jars winding up in landfills or areas they shouldn’t be, there are simple ways to recycle them. The one problem with these jars is that the sticky is often very challenging to remove, but is unsightly if you plan on repurposing the jars for decoration or infused oils in the home. Luckily, Amanda Sims, an author at Food52, which is a website community for individuals interested in food, has provided and easy way of removing the stickers from all jars. Her method is foolproof and very hands off, which means you won’t have to spend tremendous amounts of time scrubbing. You also won’t require expensive products to help wipe the stickers away.

If you are interested in the topic of waste and recycling, Amanda’s tips on removing a sticker from a glass jar will be very helpful to you. Her method for removing are incredibly easy for even the laziest person because it is nearly all hands off. Her method for removing the stickers involves submerging the jar in very hot water and allowing it to soak for several hours until the sticker is easy to remove by scrubbing. She has another tip that is meant to make this process even easier. You will have to visit her website article to check out her full instructions along with how-to photos. When you see the photos, you will be struck by how wonderful her steps work for removing the stickers.

Once you have your jars cleaned, there are several things you can do with them. The jars can be used to make homemade candles or can be made into lanterns for the outdoors, by adding electric lights inside them. Alternatively, if you are thinking of starting a garden, the jars can be a good place to start your seedlings or repot them when they get larger. Starting tomatoes from seed is very easy if you start with seed trays. Once the seedlings have sprouted up and have developed their set of true leaves, they are ready for a re-pot into something larger. In that case, a mason jar or jar from the store would be a perfect choice. When planting vegetables, you want them in an area with good drainage, because you rarely want the roots to be submerged in water for lengthy amounts of time. A good idea to promote drainage in jars, which have no holes in the bottoms, would be to add a layer of pebbles or gravel to the bottom of each jar before topping with soil. This layer will absorb any excess water and allow your seedling’s roots to thrive.

Simple life hacks, like removing stickers from jars, is wonderful, because there are so many uses for the jars. From using the jars for DIY crafts to storing dried foods or infusing oils with herbs or garlic, jars are useful tools to save from the world’s landfills. The one thing you will not want to reuse these jars for is canning food because the glass doesn’t have the same thickness to be safe in a water canner as jars specifically designed for the purpose. As a result, they could break when they are boiling and spoil the food you are trying to preserve. They also may not have a long enough neck to get an appropriate seal. Thank you to Amanda, an author at Food52, for sharing her lazy method for removing stickers from glass jars.

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