These cute cabins have a 1000sqft footprint . . .

Photo Credit: Hill Top Structures

Check out these pioneer-style cabins, which are 1000 square feet in size and the perfect structure to place on a holiday property. This cabin includes a generous amount of room for sleeping a family on your camp or lakeside property but still allows you to get the best of the outdoors. These days many tiny cabin designs will include the option of electrical work. This one doesn’t, which makes sense considering its intended purpose. If your family plans on camping out for weekends in the summer, this building would be an excellent choice, because it would promote cooking outdoors with a grill or cook stove, and the family spending more time in nature. With the progressing tiny house movement, Hilltop Structures may be willing to make your dream home a reality and install electrical and plumbing. They have a blog post where they identify that they are willing to set up any of their structures, so they are compliant with the regulations in each State, and will help hook your structure up for electricity and plumbing. Otherwise, if you just need a shelter for your holiday spot, their classic pioneer structure is an excellent choice.

Hilltop Structures is a company in Tennessee that builds wooden structures like furniture, barns, sheds and cabins. It is a family business where each family member is involved in ordering building materials, building, customer service, delivery, and set-up. The family strongly believes in producing quality products for their customers. They will deliver and set-up their buildings for free within 50 miles of where they are located. They have three small log cabins available for purchase and will even help you design a dream cabin of your own. If you would like to build a log cabin on your property, Hilltop Structures is an excellent company to contact and purchase from, especially if you live in Tennessee.

This tiny eco building is a great choice if you are concerned about being more environmentally friendly. Big homes produce large quantities of carbon dioxide each year because they require more power to heat, cool and run. A smaller home will produce less carbon dioxide because they are more energy efficient and are easy to heat and cool. The quantity of materials and delivery also contributes to one’s footprint, which is why large homes have a more harmful impact on the environment than small ones. If you choose a standard pioneer cabin without hooking up electrical, you will have a very small ecological footprint.

For more information on how Hilltop Structures will build a log cabin, visit their website. They have photos of the exterior of their cabins, as well as information on color options for the exterior wood stain and the roof. Their roofs are metallic and meant to last 40 years, which is excellent because it will undermine the costs of shingling. Call the phone number on the website or email the address if you have further questions about purchasing this wooden cabin. They pride themselves on honest customer service and will be happy to help you.

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