This 400sqft tiny house starts at 89,000 and is a classic mountain cabin look with a modern, airy feel

Photo Credit: Wheelhaus

Are you really interested in small house living? Maybe you're even considering if it could be a good option for you full-time, or you're considering buying one for recreational purposes. Even if you're just interested in small house design with no intentions to build one or live in one yourself, it can be interesting and inspirational to look at different tiny house designs. This small house design comes to us from Wheelhaus a company and can be built for around $89,500 USD as a base price. The tiny house offers 400 square feet of living space within which is great for a tiny house. The wedge was one of the company's first models, and it boasts a rustic style with a modern touch. They include reclaimed wood from snow fencing as their exterior siding, and many of the design features are sustainable. What makes this small house design so desirable are the high ceilings and the timber and steel roof system. The angled roofline makes way for higher ceilings which really brings a lot of openness to the space. The trapezoidal windows also help to open up the small house design while bringing in natural light which always helps to create the illusion of more space within a tiny house.

You can see how that if there were fewer windows in the home that it might start to feel quite claustrophobic and closed in, which is not something that you want in a small space. Also, keeping the decor light will help to expand the space within the home too and keeping the items in the home minimal also makes it feel larger than it is. Whenever you're decorating a smaller space like this one, choose furniture with clean lines in neutral tones. You can always bring in colour with accessories like pillows, curtains, rugs and artwork. It's also important to do this in the kitchen area as you see in the photos of the Wheelhaus. They went with darker cabinetry and lighter countertops which makes an impact, and then stainless steel appliances which make it look very modern and up to date. Strategically using darker colours in this way will help to create depth in the space when mixed with lighter tones and colours. The bathroom also makes great use of the smaller space with a European style glass shower. They also added in some beautiful tile and high-end fixtures as well as a storage cabinet for a combination washer and dryer unit. The bedroom in this small house design is wonderful for a tiny house, with enough room to move around on both sides of the bed as well as cabinetry for storing clothing.

Unlike tiny houses on wheels which are usually only 8.5 feet wide to fit on the roads legally, these Wheelhaus tiny houses are 10.5 feet wide which makes all the difference. They are also 38 feet long without a deck or 47 feet long with a deck. Each of the houses will come as a turn key home which means everything you see in the photos besides the furniture and accessories is included in the home when it's finished. All you have to do is move in your items. You can also spend a night at one of the Wheelhouse accommodations at the Fireside Resort in Wilson, Wyoming close to the popular tourist destination Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Staying in a few different small house designs will give you a better idea of what small house living will be like before you take the plunge to do it yourself. Enjoy looking at this beautiful design from Wheelhaus and see what you think.***

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