This Easiest ever Cabin on Wheels has a Large kitchen space that even your In-Laws will LOVE!

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If you are looking for a park model cabin with a large kitchen space, the front kitchen design might be the design for you. This park model wood cabin is great for those who love to cook and offers the most counter space of all the designs we offer. Included in your purchase of this design is a full sized 30 inch gas or electric range, along with a full-sized refrigerator, and a microwave above the kitchen range that is vented to the outside. Not only does this kitchen offer an abundance of storage space and counter top space, but the kitchen design also allows for a full sized 24-inch dishwasher, without robbing a large amount of the under counter storage space. The front kitchen design also allows for the addition of a kitchen pantry, which is always a welcome addition. Another added benefit to the front kitchen design is the living room space that is not broken up by a kitchen counter as in some of the other wood cabin models they offer. You have the option to co-design the window configuration in the wood cabin kitchen that is best for you and make this park model wood cabin your dream home plan. You want to remember; there are pros and cons for all of the model configurations, so be sure to peruse all of the floor plans that Rich's Portable Wood Cabins offers and compare, mix and match. This front kitchen wood cabin design can be applied to both of the lofted and non-loft configurations.

Rich’s Portable Cabins began as a concept when twelve years ago, Rich Daniels was self-employed as a timber cruiser contractor in the ailing timber industry. As Daniels could see the inevitable writing on the wall as far as job security, he decided to venture into a career that he thought to be more sustainable, but at the same time still staying in the timber industry. Good fortune is something to count on. After he purchased a small parcel of timberland in the beautiful mountains of North Eastern Oregon, he purchased a small sawmill and began cutting lumber from the trees on the property and building sheds, and could make a modest living and make a living off the land by producing two sheds a month. The adage of if a business isn’t growing, then the business is dying is true, in that growth in business is an inevitable result of the drive to be successful. So after five years of making wooden sheds, a change occurred in the product line of the business, due to both a chance meeting and casual conversation, to what is now the primary product – Park Model RVs and tiny cabins on wheels.

These tiny house designs are designed to be used as recreational secondary homes. Most of the park models are full sized to be approximately 400 square feet and are offered with or without an upstairs loft. These wood cabins feature amenities such as kitchens that have full-size appliances, spacious bathrooms, an upstairs loft with lots of head-room, real stairs not ladders, a downstairs bedroom and plenty of storage. The bedrooms can be loaded with additional options of your choice. Their most popular model, the Classic Double Loft wood cabin, features lots of windows, along with a huge loft for the kids or storage. You'll want to take a look ono the site and see what they have to offer.

You will find this tiny cabin on wheels on the Rich Portable Cabin site. On the site, you will find tiny cabins on wheels, portable wood cabins, cabin buildings and more. **

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