Top 10 Household Cleaning Tips for Tough Problems

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Now and then, you will have an item that requires cleaning but is difficult to accomplish in an easy way. The ‘Family Handyman’ website lists how to clean several household items in ways that aren’t tedious, which will help your house cleaning go substantially faster. Since this article provides ideas for cleaning chandeliers, tough shower scale, and animal fur off your furniture, you will not find it necessary to employ house cleaning services again. The ‘Family Handyman’ shows easy cleaning methods to tackle difficult household items like professional cleaning services, which means that you won’t have to rely on them again.

One of the most difficult items to clean in the home is chandeliers because they are high up and require a ladder. Crystal chandeliers are especially challenging because they have many facets that need to be scrubbed separately. Rather than wiping your crystal chandelier piece-by-piece, instead, you can use a miraculous cleaning product, which can be sprayed on the chandelier and cleans it without any wiping. The spray-on chandelier cleaning product is easy to find online, and the article provides a couple of website shops where you can purchase the product to make your chandelier cleaning as easy as it could be.

Although house cleaning services will do an excellent job of turning your home into a spotless space, to save money, there are some simple cleaning hacks you can use in your home. Rather than relying on cleaning services to mop your home floors, most cleaning experts recommend mops, like Swiffer’s, because they have either reusable, washable cloths or one’s that you can throw away, which means that you won’t be traipsing bacteria all over your floors after the cleaning task is done. Traditional mop heads are an ecosystem for bacteria because they don’t usually get cleaned and don’t do as effective a job cleaning floors as Swiffer mops do.

Perhaps the most creative hack you won’t see from residential cleaning services is when it comes to removing dog and cat hair from furniture. By using duct tape, you can turn a sponge, paint roller, or cloth into a makeshift lint roller which you can then run over surfaces to remove dirt and fur residue. This process works especially well for places that are more challenging to vacuum, like curtains because you can just run the duct tape along the curtain to pick up dust. It’s also substantially faster than trying to clean animal fur off of a couch or chair with a vacuum hose because you can take on large surfaces at one time, especially is you employ a paint roller with duct tape to do the job for you. This creative cleaning hack will undoubtedly become one of the most used in your home because it is cheaper than purchasing several lint rollers and can take on larger surfaces depending on what tool you choose to use. You may have a small amount of time in your day for cleaning, but you can still tackle some areas of your house with this quick cleaning method. Thank you to the ‘Family Handyman’ website for sharing their top 10 household cleaning tips for some of the toughest problems in the home.**

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