Top 21 awesome ideas to clutter-free kitchen countertops

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The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in a home, so a lot of stuff tends to pile up on our kitchen counters which can make cleaning and cooking harder than it needs to be. Keeping your countertops clutter-free in the kitchen is the best way to keep your kitchen clean and tidy, ready for food prep. Of course, you also want to leave things out to make them more accessible when you go to make a meal. But having too many appliances and utensils out on the countertops all of the time can feel really disorganised and untidy. If you've ever seen a minimalist kitchen, it just feels so clean and tidy, doesn't it? That's probably partly because there is less stuff out on the counters. So if you want some great kitchen cleaning tips and organisation help, there are some pretty great ideas out there that you can easily implement into your kitchen. This is a list of 21 awesome kitchen cleaning tips and organising tricks that will helo you keep your kitchen looking fabulous and ready to prepare all your home cooked meals with your family. Here are some of the great simple life hacks from the list.

1. Build an appliance "garage". This is a place where all of your appliances can sit on your counter, but, to keep things neat and tidy, there's a door that slides out in front of them to hide them away. You would simply take a cabinet door that matches your current cabinetry that will fit the space perfectly. Then, you just attach it on hinges and there you go, a little storage garage for your kitchen gadgets. Store your blender, toaster, coffee machine and anything else you like.

2. Store your dishcloths in a basket hanging on the wall so that they're easy to access. Pick a pretty basket and attach it to the wall however you like.

3. Instead of keeping your spices all over the counter, mount an under cabinet storage space for all of your culinary herbs and spices. Plus, this makes them very accessible for adding to recipes. You could also put one right above your stove for even easier access.

4. Use some outdoor planter racks to store fruit and veggies in. When you store fruit and veggies in bowls, they usually go bad faster because they aren't allowed to breathe. So having a wall mounted rack that has spaces in it, allows your fruit and veggies to breathe so they last longer.

5. Or use a garden trellis to hang all of your pots and pans beautifully. This looks especially great if you have some nice copper or stainless steel pots and pans.

6. Hang a curtain rod on your wall underneath your cabinets to hang paper towel, utensils and more keeping your counters free from clutter.

7. Install a flip down floating shelf that stores easily on the side of one of your cabinets. Just install it on some hinges with a locking system to keep it in place when it's not in use. You can use your shelf to hold your recipe book that you're using to make a recipe and your glass of wine too.

8. Create a microwave shelf to bring your microwave up off the counter top. You'll be surprised by how much space you actually save by raising your microwave up.

These are just a few of the awesome kitchen cleaning tips and simple life hacks you can use to keep your kitchen neat. So have a look and try out your favourite ones from the list.***

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