Under 20K to build the CUTEST Tiny Log Cabin Kit in 2 days

Photo Credit: Green Garden Chicken

Building your own house can be a really exciting process. This cute tiny log cabin kit can be built in 2 days for under $20,000 making it a very affordable option for a brand new home. Green Garden Chicken is the company selling these small log homes online through their website. The prefab log house you see here is one of their affordable designs coming in at $17,500. The space is 292 square feet with a loft area, which seems quite small, but could work for someone who wants a small house design to minimize their life, or to use as a small cabin to enjoy their free time in. Many people use these small log homes as accessory dwelling units to rent out, or to have for guests.

It would also make a cute first home to live in while building a larger house on a new property. The cabin kits from Green Garden Chicken are do it yourself packages that can generally be completed by two people in a couple of days, which is great for people who need something right away. The house has a nice little patio area that is perfect for setting up a barbecue and patio furniture on and the double doors at the front open up to the patio area making it feel like a part of the home.

These log house kits come with all of the wood to build the structure, and in this case, the wood is all slow grown Nordic Spruce, which is very strong and durable. The trees are grown slowly in colder temperatures so they built up resiliency and strength over time. Log homes are a great choice because they are one of the more eco friendly types of building. Trees grown to make logs and lumber are grown in sustainable tree plantations and for every tree that is used, five more are planted in it's place, so there is always continuous growth of trees and every part of the tree is used. In the kits, they also include all of the pre hung windows and the doors, as well as the hardware like nails, screws and door handles. Everything in a log house building kit is usually labeled for easy assembly and there are also detailed instructions to follow along with. Even without a lot of building experience, a log home building kit is generally fairly simple to build, and a small house design like this one would be a great do it yourself project.

Green Garden Chicken also offers solar panel kits to create an off the grid cabin or home for around $1,800. Having solar power would be a great addition to any living situation, and you could also add on some wind power as well. Living in a small house like this one would be a great way to save money and to cut down on your carbon foot print, something many people are looking to do. Also, the freedom that comes with being fully sustainable is pretty awesome. Just plant a big garden to feed yourself and maybe get a few farm animals and you would have your own little homestead to be proud of. The company sells other items that would be great for an off grid sustainable home like compost bins and tumblers, aquaponics, rain barrels to collect rain water, green houses, and animal shelters. They also have special chicken coop packages so you can build your own chicken coop. Enjoy having a look through the log home kits offered on their website and see how affordable and charming they are.***

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