Upcycle those old Jeans and make a Rag-Quilt

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This diy idea is an excellent way to upcycle those old jeans you've been saving. This rag quilt project to do is easy to make; you'll start by determining how big you want to make your rag quilt and how many denim circles you will need. For the rag quilt in the tutorial, it was decided that the rag quilt would be nine rows across and 14 rows long. You will also have to take into consideration the size of the circles that you are going to be cutting out and how many pairs of jeans you have on hand for this diy cool project. To make this rag quilt DIY idea or one similar to it, you are going to need to have a stack of old jeans that need repurposing. The first step is to cut up right along the inseam of the jeans from the ankle up to the crotch and then to cut up by the zipper and through to the waistband. You'll want to repeat this process with both legs of the jeans and then cut up through the seat of the denim jeans, and you’ll have two pieces of flat denim to work with.

For this DIY idea and project to do a Corelle, pasta bowl was used as the circle template. You could also use another sized bowl out of your cupboard when you determine the size that you want the circle for the rag quilt to be. This bowl was chosen so the circles would not be too small and the bowl is also really easy to handle. To begin the bowl is laid onto the denim and a sharpie is used to mark the opposite side of the fabric which is inside the jeans. You will then cut out a bunch of circles to be used in your quilt project to do. For this DIY idea for the rag quilt, there were 126 denim circles that were used for the project to do. To help determine the size of the circles, you will need to figure out what size of square will fit inside the circle. This is further explained on the site in a separate post. You will use a folded denim circle in half and then the circle folded in half again. You can then use an acrylic ruler to help figure out the size of the square that will fit inside the circle and then you need to make the square 1/4 inch smaller. Once you figure out the process for this DIY idea and technique, it will make sense.

For this template square, a manila file or cereal box works for the template. For this diy cool project, the squares are just under six inches. Then the next step is to mark half of the denim circles in the stack with the square template that you have created. It is a good idea to use a brightly colored pen so that you can easily see the squares that you have marked. You need to be able to see the lines clearly on the circles because you will be sewing on these lines. A tip for joining the denim circles is that when adding the two sets of two denim circles together for the rag quilt DIY idea, you want to be sure and take your time to make sure the circles physically line up with each other. After the rag quilt is complete, you will have the templates that you need to make another rag quilt in the future, if you are happy with the results.

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